A Long Room morning highlights the chameleon-like nature of the space. The dimly-lit late night tavern energy gives way to a bright, airy, peaceful morning experience. Accented by the colorful mural and handmade stained glass windows, the early daylight brings out the room’s whimsical, ethereal nature, providing an ideal setting for a spacious yet intimate neighborhood coffee house.

The Long Room coffee house is a community gathering place supporting a diverse range of experiences. The multiple seating zones and free wifi allow guests to comfortably coexist whether they are writing, reading, holding business meetings, chatting with friends or simply sinking into the atmosphere of the room or enclosed garden.

The coffee program is driven by highly trained baristas who approach each cup thoughtfully and carefully, but who strive to balance their expertise and professionalism with a warm playful approach to service. The goal is to prepare beverages that honor and celebrate the process starting with the growth of the fruit on the tree and its triumphant journey to the cup.

Inspired by their commitment to sustainability and education, The Long Room proudly serves Kickapoo Coffee. With quality product at the root of the story, the mission is to deliver a daily coffee experience that is a consistent source of joy.