Guest Chef Pop-Up Brunch Series w/ Chef Q.Ibraheem Pop-Up Brunch w/ Chef Q!

Date & Time

June 26, 2016 | 11am-3pm

Apply Middle Eastern teachings to a black woman in the Mid-West n’ you’d get a Chef Q.Ibraheem. Culinary school was a farm in Georgia, a chair to stand on in a mothers kitchen and her fathers hilal poultry store in Detroit’s Eastern Market, one of the countries largest farmers markets .
This Gypsy lands in Atlanta where late night menus developed and friends and co-workers started paying to do dinners in their homes. Moved to yet another major city to slang beautifully presented meals outta styrofoam boxes where her major culinary hustle began.Relocated to Chicago and apprenticed with Chef Dan Smith from the Food Network and Chef Edison Briones from Master Chef and moved on to work at Elizabeth..quickly moving to another kitchen to become a Sous Chef , Most recently an Corporate Executive Chef and a mentor to future chefs by developing an accredited curriculum at a local college in partnerships with non-profits that focus on continued youth education for at risk youth, teaching college culinary art and opening the mind of a young person that is most familiar with food deserts has been the dopest experience! 
Now playing as a pop-up and underground artist in a kitchen or freight elevator near you.
*please note that Chef Q’s brunch is cash only

Chef Q. Ibraheem

Old School Soul Brunch


$10 takis coated fried fish. yellow gritz.


$11 crispy fried capon with sweet potato waffle


$13 ibraheem duck sausage. carmelized apples. yellow gritz. duck



$13 turnip greens. red himalayan rice. beef neck bonez. pot liquor

$4 sweet potato waffle

SIDES $3 (gritz $2)


carmelized apples



The Long Room 1612 W. Irving Park Rd.