Local Beer, Spirts & Bitters Night Ravinia Brewing, CH Distillery & Bitter Ex Bitters Co.

Date & Time

May 31, 2018 | 7pm

After picking up a Ravinia Brewing Company CH fernet barrel aged Baldwin Porter, we decided to put together a beer/cocktail night this Thursday, to take the CH Distillery collaboration to the next level. Along with the Baldwin porter, we’ll be tapping Ravinia’s Drunken Rooster, red wine barrel aged saison and Steep Ravine IPA. We also have concocted a couple cocktails using some of the fine spirits of local distillery CH and our very own Ryan Rezvani’s bitter company, Bitter Ex, which is distilled over at CH. Whether you’re into beer, cocktails or both it’s gonna be a great night. Everything is going down at 7pm!