Pop-Up Brunch w/ Chef Lisa Kalabokis Doughnuts, Bagels, Pizze and More!!

Date & Time

December 04, 2016 | 11am-3pm

This Sunday, please join us for a special pop-up brunch with Chef Lisa Kalabokis.  The only thing Lisa might love more than bagel sandwiches is pizza. Especially when they’re made from scratch. She’s making both – and much more (like doughnuts!) – this Sunday. #DOUGHntmissout


housemade donut holes   5

cinnamon sugar, chocolate sauce

housemade bagel sandwich   10

maple pepper bacon, roasted tomatoes, white cheddar, arugula, sunny egg


avocado, roasted tomatoes, white cheddar, arugula, sunny egg

breakfast pizza   12

crème fraiche, caramelized onion, white cheddar, ham, arugula, sunny egg, herb oil

without ham 10

cheese grits   5

white cheddar, cherry tomato, herb oil

fried potatoes   5

chimichurri, lemon

green salad   5

arugula, avocado, creamy chive dressing

add farm egg  2

add maple pepper bacon  2

add ham  2

housemade bagel & chive cream cheese  3