Kickapoo Coffee now at The Long Room!

At our core, we are committed to making coffee better and making it better for all parties involved.”  So say the folks at Kickapoo Coffee and so say all of us!  Here at the Long Room we have committed to pursuing bests- coffee, beer, food, service- you name it.  Which is why we’re excited to introduce or reacquaint you all with Kickapoo Coffee Company, a roaster based out of our own Midwestern Viroqua, Wisconsin.  Not only do these folks have their fingers on the pulse of coffee roasting and culture but they are also out fighting the good fight for sustainable coffee practices both as buyers guaranteeing fair prices and also as a green business run entirely on solar power.  Whether you are joining us at Long Room for the coffee, the breakfast, the beer, or the experience, treat yourself to this new adventure in flavors- we are sure it’ll be worth your while.