Meet our barista team! – Delaney Nichols

We have a great barista team here at the Long Room and we’d love for you to get to know us!  We’ll be publishing a few posts featuring each member and little bio to boot.  They have an amazing amount of experience in the coffee world and probably an interesting story or two to share.

First up is our Director of Coffee Services, Delaney Nichols.

Fun fact: I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, which has about as much relevance to my coffee experience as that my favorite animal is the orca whale.

Fun fact: Pretty sure I became a barista because I thought all baristas were super hot. Says something about choosing a career path when you’re 18.

Fun fact: I once made a proposal latte. As in my latte was taken to the scene of a marriage proposal. I like to give myself partial credit for her saying yes.

Fun fact: When I was running a local roastery I used to tell my eldest daughter she’d better be good because naughty babies go in the coffee roaster. At 11 months old she had no idea what I was talking about but the concept made for some good pictures.

Fun fact: I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life and after 7 years making coffee I’ve worked in 5 cafes, many of them 2 at a time. My shortest stint ended when the cafe owner fled the country to avoid a tax scandal.

Fun fact:  Our program at the Long Room is designed to encourage everyone’s participation- from the casual once-a-week sweet latte drinker, to the veteran 2-pots-a-day chugger, we’ve put something together that fits your needs. Order your usual in a mug for here, top it off with a shot of Jamo and settle in for the morning.  We think you’ll want to come back.

Photo: Don Markus