2/28 – Pedro’s Chi-Mex Dinner

Starting this Sunday at The Long Room, we will be featuring Chef Daniel Lewis and his Chi-Mex creations known better as Pedro’s Chi-Mex!  It’s Mexican Fare with Chicago Flair. Not reinventing the Wheel…But stuffing it with Cheese!  You’ll see Chef Lewis most Sunday nights so keep an eye out for his rotating weekly specials!  This all goes down at 5pm and continues until 11pm.


chips & salsa 4

nacho platter 9

black beans, cheese, sour cream,

tomato, jalapeno, cilantro

quesadilla 6

burrito 7

black beans, muenster,

crema, pico de gallo

+ add seasoned beef 4

+ add jalapenos 1

*special tonight*

fried chicken tostadas 12

beans, cheese, sriracha aioli, red cabbage

crispy chicken breast