The Long Room is closed to the public until futher notice. Please visit our online store. Pick up orders available Thursday and Friday 4PM - 7M, Saturday noon - 6PM, and Sunday from 11AM - 3PM.

2/21 – Pop-Up Dinner w/ Kimski: Food For Your Face!

Hello! We are Kimski Chicago, a soon to be food venture featuring a Korean Polish approach to street food.  We will be located in Bridgeport connected to the famed Marias Packaged Goods! Expect bold flavors in a super casual upfront space. We are looking forward to making our food approachable and surprising!  Come to the Long Room this Sunday and join us for some of the items you’ll see when we have a permanent home!


  • Marias standard -­ kimski polishes, kraut chi, In house mustard, scallions
  • Poo­tine ­- fries, kimchi gravy, curds, sesame leaves, kraut chi
  • Them Wangs ­- Wangs, sweet and savory sauce, scallions, sesame seeds
  • Tacoski -­ beer braised beef, kraut slaw, cilantro, kimski ap sauce
  • Dduk Bok ski -­ rice cakes, sweet and spicy chili sauce, kraut chi slaw, slaw, scallions