9/6 – Sidecar Pop-Up Guest Chef Dinner – Rich Gurney

This Sunday evening Sidecar is proud to host a pop-up dinner conducted by Chef Rich Gurney.  Rich will be turning our kitchen into a Japanese Okonomiyaki style exhibition.
Okonomiyaki (oh-ka-no-me-ya-kee) is a savory pancake famously eaten in Osaka and Hiroshima but available throughout the whole of Japan.  Sort of frittata, sort of pancake, sort of pizza, okonomiyaki traditionally consists of batter, egg, cabbage, pork, seafood, sauce and mayo.  “Okonomi” literally translates to ‘what you like/what you want” while yaki translates to “grilled” or “cooked”.  This is where the resemblance to American pizza comes into play, as guests can choose from a list of ingredients to make their okonomiyaki theirs.  While Rich has prepared three specialty flavor combinations, guests are encouraged to satisfy their specific cravings with an okonomiyaki tailored to them.
For those with a lighter appetite, a penchant for adventure, or a case of the bar munchies, Rich will also be preparing ‘takoyaki’; a Japanese street food snack-a ball of crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, octopus in the middle, awesomeness.  Also available with shrimp (ebiyaki).
It’s Labor Day, come and celebrate how hard we work in America by enjoying the food of another hard working people a world away, from your favorite neighborhood bar.  We’ll see you all Sunday evening!!
Okonomiyaki Specials
The Classic-16
Traditional Japanese flavors; shrimp, pork, bonito flakes, aonori
add pork belly: 2
The American-15
Succulent shredded chicken, roasted and marinated red pepper, corn aoili
add pork belly or bacon: 2
Sweet Carolin(a)-16
Drew the sous’ concept:  Slow roasted pulled pork, carolina mustard bbq sauce, pickled cucumber
Served with okonomi sauce and kewpie mayo, build up your okonomiyaki with the following:
$3 -Shrimp
   -Slow Roasted Pulled Pork
$2 -Shredded Chicken
   -Pickled Shiitakes
   -Japanese Style Berkshire Pork Sausage
$1 -Poached Egg Yolk
   -Fried Ginger Sticks
   -Sauteed Maitake Mushrooms
   -Enoki Mushrooms
   -Fried Shallots
   -Pickled Ginger
   -Green Onion
   -Teriyaki Nori
   -Tenkasu (Tempura bits)